Beefeater 24

More than half the battle in launching a new drink, is trial

With Beefeater 24, we needed to get consumers and trade mixologists to see beyond the classic gin and tonic combo. It needed a strong, attractive proposition as a super-premium brand. The key to this campaign was right on the front of the bottle – Authentic London Cut, now that's a great product story: the botanicals that go into 24, including rare Japanese and Chinese teas, are steeped together for 24 hours to create a concoction of the highest quality.  This was key to create a serious buzz and successful launch, with drinkers and the trade alike.

To get people talking, we came up with the idea B24:LDNXPOSED.  First we gave 24 renowned London bartenders a compelling brief: create a cocktail that was ‘Daring, London & Glamour.’ Then we extended the brief to 24 fresh faced fashion photographers to snap a cocktail image, shot within the selected bars.

Features ran in London publication's Stylist and Shortlist magazines, inviting an incentivised consumer to vote for their favourite cocktail and image.  The blend of incentivised participation, stylised photography and high end cocktails were the perfect mix for a successful campaign.