Frontier Lager

Find Flavour Sessions

 Tasting events invariably get a brand in hand but rarely lead to consistent ongoing listings in the on-trade. Today's drinkers need more from a brand than just a free pint to become loyal followers. Frontier, Fuller's new wave craft lager is packed full of fruity flavours that stands it apart from traditional mainstream lagers. We wanted to celebrate the brand's flavour profile and create a simple yet disruptive tasting programme that paired Frontier with interesting food.

The 'Find Flavour Sessions' encouraged the trial of Frontier, Fuller's new wave craft lager by pairing it with a range of Joe & Seph's popcorn. Drinkers took to social media to suggest their own 'perfect pair flavours' and a multi-sensory VR training programme engaged bar staff with the Frontier story for long-term advocacy.