Jameson LEP

Jameson is made for St. Patrick’s Day

Jameson have an enviable 236 year-long reputation for producing one of the world’s finest Irish Whiskeys.  That kind of success is remarkable for any brand.  To expand their market, they needed to challenge convention and go for a younger, more affluent consumer.

Changing its perception amongst this group is no mean feat.  As the leading whiskey in the market, discounting would damage the brand.  Jameson needed to be careful and clever.

We created a cost-effective on-pack promotion to go with an attractive limited edition bottle choosing St. Patrick’s Day, when the whole world is Irish for 24 hours, as the perfect day to launch a seriously playful approach.

This helped Jameson to shift their drinker base from older consumers to younger 25 – 35 year old discerning consumers.  The innovative campaign around the limited edition bottles and the St. Patrick’s Day timing were instrumental in changing purchase behaviour, putting the brand precisely where it wanted to be within this broader consumer market.