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actions speak louder

How do you communicate the Sheraton Hotels & Resorts ‘Where actions speak louder’ campaign in a busy London airport and beyond? With an average of 50,000 people moving through the airport daily we were challenged to communicate the campaign to busy, time poor travellers and spread the word further by posting a film of the activation via social platforms.

When travelling through a busy airport with little time, we are always looking at wayfinding, directions to our gate, bathrooms, departure time and so on. What if Sheraton could make wayfinding a little more helpful? We decided to install interactive screens in airport locations whereby a Sheraton Concierge could spot travellers in need and give them a helping hand. The Sheraton Concierge (in a room offsite) could see travellers passing by and spring to life when a traveller needed help with anything from directions, to a power point, to a friendly smile. All actions were captured by our on-site film crew to create a piece of Sheraton branded content with the aim of social sharing.

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