VK Festivals

Summer festivals are a great fit for Vodka Kick

Hot summer weekends and crowds of people having a great time.  The atmosphere is light, with the perfect balance of friends and entertainment.  We were tasked to add VK to the mix, creating a lasting taste of summer and promote continuous purchase of VK long after the festival finished.

We created a festival oasis complete with beach-themed bar, cool DJ and dance floor where drinkers could dwell, dance or chill – a real showcase for the new VK varieties.  Interactive Beach Huts invited drinkers to publish festival video diaries on social media.  And the whole event was published on Facebook.  On-site sales and brand interaction ensued, with an added knock-on effect of winning over the affection of the trade.  It demonstrated to them that the audience was much larger and diverse than was previously thought, a benefit which has outlined the VK festival campaign.