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They say variety is the spice of life and here at ignis we like to embrace just that! Check out below for all the latest goings on at our lovely agency; from our charity work with the great Empower a Child to what goes on behind the scenes at ignis HQ.

Champagne breakfast in Cannes

We will be in Cannes for TFWA in October and would love you to join us for breakfast and a glass of champagne from 08.45 on Wednesday 4 October. You will find us at Le Cirque, 30 rue Hoche, 06400 Cannes and you can learn loads about immersive travel retail technology. To guarantee your seat at the table, simply click here to leave your details with us, and we will be in touch. We look forward to seeing you there.

Date: 10th August 2017



Echo chamber = Tunnel Vision.

If you're not aware of the Echo Chamber and its impact on the world around you, this gives you a brief oversight. It's incredibly relevant for us as an industry because we and our clients are sometimes likely to fall into the trap of assuming that what we think/feel/know is what our consumers think/feel/know. It's the worst trap you can fall into and will lead to incredibly ineffective campaigns. Always do your research; never assume anything!

Continue to the article on Sky News

Date: 8th August 2017



The Future of Airports is: Experience

Singapore’s Changi Airport is taking its already unique approach to travel one step further. Terminal 4 promises to be the crème de la crème of pre-destination destinations. Boulevards of living trees, artists sculptures, wellness areas and robot housekeepers will all feature in what will surely be awarded the coveted Best Airport Terminal award after its launch later this year.

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Date: 7th August 2017



Are QR codes back?

The soon to be released iOS11 was previewed recently, and there is one feature which may herald the return of the QR code. iPhone users will now have the ability to scan a QR code natively from their camera app. Whilst not a feature for android users yet, there are work around's which may be the cue for marketer's to re-look at how we can use them. 

Services like QR Stuff, whereby you can add actions to the code such as Skype calling, PDF download & email, and being able to link directly to an app download in iTunes and Google Play store (a great feature considering their notoriously bad search engines), will potentially open up opportunities to make the QR code a relevant tool for your audience. 

Continue to CNet to read the full article.


Date: 2nd August 2017



Jameson #BeOriginal360. Winning at the 2017 IPM awards

Champagne corks were popped in ignis towers after our Jameson #BeOriginal360 campaign triumphed again.

This time it was at the IPM Awards, where we picked up 3 awards.

Date: 12th July 2017



worldwide duty free - a world beyond retail

In 2016 3.7bn* of the worlds inhabitants took to the skies, in 7.4bn trips through that haven of duty-free known as the airport. Big numbers, broad demographics, and data-driven profiling: a marketers dream!

But despite the obvious benefits of this channel, too many brands fall into the trap of not just retail first, but retail only. And yes, it doesnt matter how high-end you go: luxury retail is still just that. For those of you inclined to a window display, this piece is for you!

The "experience economy" is our industry's latest and favourite buzz phrase, and is one that we've dealt in for years. It essentially "reveals" this: that a brand cannot expect to be relevant if they don't create an experience that generates social currency. It's allowed us to identify the channels in which this emotional transaction takes place. And this: the underused, undervalued departure trail, is one of them. Why? Well, funny you ask...


Date: 15th June 2017

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Ignis crosses the finishing line raising a whopping £5,103.30 for Empower a Child

On Tuesday 9 May the ignites were joined by Chelsea football legend Paul Canoville, Conservative candidate Greg Hands and the founder of Empower a Child Wilson Kabeera, to hand over a cheque for our fundraising efforts.

Funds were raised through the 10k ignathon that took place in Battersea Park on Saturday 8 April, and a month’s worth of fundraising dares including Zumba dancing and bake offs.  We are delighted to have raised enough money to buy 5 bulls for the cattle shed we built in 2013. We hope this will make a huge difference to the families in Zirobwe by providing resources and education to those who otherwise would not have been able to access it.  

Wilson visited the office for the cheque handover, presented by Paul Canoville and Greg Hands, and joined us on a training run to the Blue Boat pub in Hammersmith for a well-deserved drink!    

Date: 17th May 2017



ignis sprints towards £5000 for Empower a Child

 18 ignites, 9 pack runs, 7 weeks strutting around in our active wear and 1 ill-advised night out the Thursday beforehand…but we did it! ignis completed the Battersea Park 10km run, and raised a whopping £5000 for Empower a Child. 

It was an uncommonly early start on the Saturday, and there were a few anxious faces at the starting line. But the lively atmosphere, sunny sky and some serious smack-talk served as a good distraction, and before we knew it we were off!Our seasoned runners led the charge and achieved a few impressive PB’s, but it was a remarkable effort from several members of the team who were running 10km for the first time. All crossed the finish line in a very respectable time, and with our less-sweaty cheerleaders we went for a a well-deserved rest in the park, a couple of beers and the odd game of twister- purely to stretch out, of course.  

We would like to say a sincere thank you to all our friends and family who supported us in fundraising. You kept us moving when we would have loved nothing more than to detour at the 7km mark to the nearest pub. We are extremely proud of our work with Empower a Child, and we hope all of those who donated feel equally as proud about their contribution to this wonderful charity and the families they support.    

We hope to convince a few of you to take part in next year’s ignathon!  

A big thank you from all at ignis.

And, if you haven’t yet had the chance to donate, our fundraising page will be live for another 2 weeks, so there is still an opportunity. Help us reach the 6 bull mark!

Date: 24th April 2017



We've fired up travel retail in France for Ballantine's

The Ballantine’s Hard Fired multisensory bar is a new engagement launching in the travel retail environment, giving passengers the opportunity to fire up their journey with a taste of whisky whilst sitting at a bespoke charred bar, smelling hints of wood smoke and vanilla.

The Ballantine’s Hard Fired bar highlights that extra smooth whisky is born from double charred barrels. The barrels, which appear to have been constructed from the charred wood of the whisky barrels, will feature in each activation to showcase the unique way in which the smoky taste of Ballantine’s Hard Fired develops during its resting phase. Whilst visiting the activation in Paris passengers will also be able to fire up their phone through charging points available at the bar, included to enhance passenger airport experience.

Passengers will encounter the multisensory charred bars in Paris Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Nice airports.

Date: 22nd March 2017



ignis celebrates St Patrick's Day with the Door of Reconciliation

Building on the family motto, Sine Metu, Jameson is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2017 with a campaign centred around the phrase ‘to chance your arm’, just like its motto “to be without fear”. This is about giving it a go, taking a risk, and being richly rewarded.

Considered the key date in the Irish calendar, Jameson has launched its Limited Edition 2017 bottle to mark the occasion. Designed by Dublin based artist Steve McCarthy, the concept behind the label illustration draws on the historic Gaelic tale, where a battling clansman in 1492 reached through a hole in a barricade to shake the hand of his opponent and make peace. As there was a danger that his opponent would cut off his limb, this became the root of the phrase ‘to chance your arm’. This barricade is now known as The Door of Reconciliation and is still in place in St. Patrick’s cathedral in Dublin.

Seeing an opportunity to build upon this story, we developed an experiential activation that grabs shopper attention in Amsterdam and Frankfurt airports, which will run throughout the month of March.

Date: 17th March 2017



ignis is running for Empower a Child

On Saturday 8th April 2017 the ignites will once again be donning their trainers to run for Empower a Child!

In 2013 we built a cattle shed and in 2016 we were delighted to see that the cattle shed is still standing! A primary school, medical centre and residential compound have been added since our previous trip, all funded, in part, by events ignis has organised. We are now educating hundreds of children, who would otherwise have no access to education.

This year we are running to raise funds to buy a bull to join the females in the cattle shed. ignathon 2017 will take place on Saturday 8th April in Battersea Park where nearly thirty ignites will be running 5k & 10k, raising funds for Empower a Child.

We have supported Empower a Child for over 5 years with many fundraising initiatives and have twice visited Uganda to work for the community the charity has established there.

Donating with is really easy and completely secure on

If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation.

This will add 25p to every £1 you give.

Empower A Child UK Registered Charity No.1149868

Date: 3rd March 2017



ignis supports Fuller’s biggest beer launch in a generation

Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC, the London brewer and premium pub company, unveiled London Pride Unfiltered at Craft Beer Rising on Thursday 23 February. The brewer’s biggest beer launch in a generation was supported by ignis, as we brought to life the London Pride Unfiltered activation space.  

“The launch of London Pride Unfiltered is a significant and exciting move for Fuller’s, and something we’re proud to be involved with. Craft Beer Rising provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce the brand to a new audience, as well as those well versed in London Pride cask. When it came to designing the space it was important to ensure that it showcased ‘Unfiltered’, not just as a process, but as a unique attitude, rooted in contemporary London.” Nick Peters, Executive Creative Director. 

The beer is brewed true to London Pride’s original recipe, but is then dry hopped with Target Hops for added character and flavour. With a goal of making the beer as natural as possible, the beer is centrifuged, but not filtered or pasteurised, to retain taste, complexity and Fuller’s character. The result is a hazy, hoppy, tasty beer in a keg, served at 4-6 degrees, which delivers the quality and flavour consumers expect from a Fuller’s beer.

Date: 23rd February 2017




It's not enough to create brand engagement, you need to measure its effectiveness.


Tillemetry® is an intelligent point of sale system that you can build into your activation. Through a series of simple questions, Tillemetry® can measure everything from consumer sentiment to campaign recall, repeat purchase likelihood to promotional effectiveness. And that is at its most simplistic.

However, what makes Tillemetry® a powerful tool is that you can customise the system to capture the data relevant to your activation. It also simplifies stock control and reporting and, with a backend hosted in the cloud, you can access and customise your reports whenever you need to.

: The smart way to measure marketing effectiveness.


Date: 14th February 2017



Making virtual reality work for brands

2016 was roundly pilloried by many as a dark year. Robbing us of Bowie and Wogan, giving us more Trump and an entire calendar of political turmoil, it was a year large numbers have been happy to consign to history.

In the marketing world, 2016 will also be remembered as the year the promise of virtual reality was finally realised. From the arrival of new, vastly improved equipment, to increased adoption levels and the emergence of game developers, it was a year in which some brands took their first tentative VR steps into utilising the technology as an effective brand engagement tool.

While 2016 was the year VR officially entered the brand radar, 2017 will be the year of brand adoption. Agencies and brand teams alike are chomping at the bit to produce their first VR enhanced brand activation, but before you do, here are our five golden tips for maximising the VR potential in your brand engagement:

Tip #1: deliver the impossible
If it doesn’t take the breath away, it isn’t worth doing. Don’t show people your new store layout, take them to the top of Mount Everest, scare them senseless, dazzle them, give them something they’ll want to talk about.

Tip #2: understand the need
This isn’t your brand need, this is the human need. Provide a new experience, give your audience a view of something they couldn’t otherwise attain, show your audience something they will love and that will be loved in return.

Tip #3: live outside the headset
VR is by its very nature a solitary experience. Think as much about what is happening around the headset to cater for the watching/waiting audience as much as what goes on inside.

Tip #4: going viral isn’t magic
Just ask Ronnie O’Sullivan. Create content and experiences your audience will want to talk about and sharing will happen.

Tip #5: don’t geek out
Be honest: is this technology right for you? Can you deliver an experience that will make it worth it, or is it tech for techs sake? VR will not fit every brand or every marketer’s needs, be sure of your reasons for doing it before you jump in.

VR, and the gamification it provides, offers brands real opportunities to connect, and not just with the mythical millennial generation. So now’s the time to consider how VR can work for you to tell stories to your consumers, trade partners and internal stakeholders.

Date: 17th January 2017



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 25

We woke up on sports day to 35degree heat, perfect weather for running! Lisa.P and I were left in charge of the younger children…all 200 of them…aged 4-10, it was safe to say that curating sports for these guys wasn’t easy! We ended up divvying up teams for duck duck goose and cat and mouse, and… a very much imagined on the spot game… “Pass the ball through the legs”, which turned out to be a favourite! The kid’s competitiveness was endlessly entertaining, and it was so cute to see that children’s love of sports day was totally universal, it was evident in their excitement that they had been counting down the days for weeks!

Date: 25th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 23

Our agency had previously been to Zirobwe, the village in Uganda we support. They had reported back, formally and in personal chats, but they couldn't have prepared us for what was ahead. The journey was big. Boarding at London in the evening, after a vague attempt at sleep we arrived at Nairobi. An hour stop over and more failed sleep and we boarded a little plane to Kampala.

Next thing we knew, it was Saturday morning and we were stepping onto African soil. We were shattered at this point, but to make the most of our trip we pushed on and visited the village for the first time. I'll admit I'm a big sleep man, and I was flagging, but as soon as we stepped off the minibus, I could feel the magic of Zirobwe pick me back up. The brilliant Empower a Child staff immediatly gave us the Ugandan greeting of a half hour handshake. That might be an overestimation, but not by much, you'll catch-up while shaking someones hand, it's...bizzare.

This place and the people lift you, it's really like no other.

Date: 23rd December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 21

The hellos and the smiles! The greetings we received from the moment we stepped out of the airport until our last day in Uganda were overwhelming. This was not just from the children of Zirobwe but from the adults too. I think this is a great reflection of the work Wilson, the founder of the charity, and the Empower a Child team are doing. There’s always a worry that the local community will view outsiders coming in to help negatively regardless of the intention. Empower a Child have their vision and their ‘next steps’ but these are engineered through talking to the local community and together deciding on which projects are of the highest priority. The whole setup is a great model for other charities and communities to follow!

Date: 21st December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 19

The Empowered Women programme provides jobs, financial security and a sustainable future for the women in Zirobwe. Nine women are currently enrolled on the empowerment programme, aimed to economically empower women with life skills so they can help to support their families. The women are also given financial training and aim to save around 50% of their salary to invest in land or livestock to increase their income. Currently making around 300 paper beads a week, the crafts are sold at craft fairs in the US and UK and the profits are split amongst the group. One of the women states ‘we are gradually transforming our families because of the reasonable pay we get weekly, which is uncommon in the village’. Our first beads took around thirty minutes to complete and accepted by quality control, these women have become very talented indeed! Next in the pipeline is the Empowered Men’s programme and continuing to grow the Empowered Women’s course to teach the current ladies to become trainers and leaders for other women in the community. Empower a Child have such a great understanding and immense knowledge of the community every penny is spent judisciously and the village is going from strength to strength. The charity are implementing empowered and educational programmes which will eventually allow the community to become sustainable. For the people of Zirobwe to believe they have an independent future ahead of them when six years ago, children were dying of poverty and disease, just goes to show how much Empower a Child has achieved; a truly remarkable journey!

Date: 19th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 18

In a community full of smiling faces, these homes visits gave an insight into the lives of local families. From their living conditions, proximity from the village, their family lifestyle & livelihood and the difficult times they've experienced in the past, along with the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Arriving at their homes with gifts was a very humbling experience - seeing the appreciation from the family really showed how grateful they are for what they have.

Date: 18th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 16

Shortly before their morning porridge, the Empower Leaders Academy school was somewhat taken over by ignites. We taught a range of subjects including science with ‘rocket blasters’ to an amazing arts and crafts geography lesson. I noticed one big difference between the classrooms in Zirobwe and those at home: the children were unbelievably hungry to learn and they were excited to come into school every day (even if that meant walking more than an hour each way!). It’s really exciting that Empower a Child have given these kids the tools to gain an education. They really are going to go far with that attitude towards learning!

Date: 16th December 2016



igniUG Advent Calendar Day 15

Exploring the community of Zirobwe was inspirational. We had two students of the Empowered Academy act as tour guides and they did a fantastic job, showing us their village and their homes.

We were introduced to their families too, who rolled out the metaphorical red carpet for our arrival. Warm welcome is something of an understatement where Zirobwe families are concerned! 

On face value, they had very little but were keen to bless us with gifts of their own. We returned back to the school carrying weaved mats, hats, pineapples and huge bunches of bananas amongst other things. Such genorosity! 

Date: 15th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 14

In a country with so many hardships for the children being rewarded and recognised for achievements is rare. The community sports day was an opportunity for us to participate in a community event that encourage sportsmanship, team work and friendship. Simple games such as an egg and spoon race, or in this case a potato! Were games that the children had never played before. Watching them participate and encourage their friends to run faster was so rewarding. Though the smiles on their face when they won were hard to beat!

Date: 14th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 13

On our second day in Uganda the ignites visited Sanyu Babies home. Established in the early 1900,s the home provides 24 hour care for babies that have been abandoned in Kampala. With more than 50 babies to look after with a volunteer staff of 20 there is a lot of work to do. We pitched in for the day scrubbing floors, chopping wood, preparing food and cleaning clothes. After cleaning we spent a couple of hours with the babies. For the children & babies, spending time playing and enjoying some attention which they so desperately seek was a heart breaking but rewarding experience.

Date: 13th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 12

Today we visited the school and were given the opportunity to teach the children a range of subjects including geography, science and maths. While teaching over 50 children about fractions with Lisa P and finding the children quite shy, we cunningly brought prizes in the shape of glitter stickers to encourage the children to interact in the lesson. The first child to answer the question correctly received the first sticker and as I stuck it to his chest he quickly pulled it off and stuck it straight to his forehead, wearing it like a medal of honour. By the end of the class every child had a glittery sticker adorning their forehead, a prize they wore with pride and we spotted our glitter stickers, mixed with glasses made from pipe cleaners and an arrangement of arts and crafts from the geography lesson for the rest of the week.

One of the Empower A Child volunteers told us while they would not be able to survive without donations, time is the most valuable asset we can give. For the men in the village to see other men serve women and children their dinner, for the families to receive visits from us, for the children to see arts and crafts and even glitter stickers, it opens their eyes to possibilities, a different future and life outside of the village and poverty and lets them know that people live and care for them – above all it gives them hope and hope can go a very long way in a developing community.

Date: 12th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 11

I found myself taking a lot of photos in Uganda. The country is far too photogenic. I'd heard bits and pieces before about it, but never really learnted about it. Beautiful iron-tinged red dirt and great open blue skies framed every photo. The subject, the people of course. Bright smiles and happy friends were the centre of every click of the shutter, made even brighter by the surroundings.

Date: 11th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 10

The New Brainstorm school is the latest initiative at Empower a Child. An urban school in Kampala that has attracted more than 200 students. In the months leading up to the ignis visit to Uganda, the office, friends and family collected school supplies and uniforms, items desperately needed by the school. When we visited the school, the children put on a performance like no other! Dancing and singing performances and poetry, all by the different classes.

Date: 10th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 9

The scene is set, perfect conditions for a School Sports Day. 35 degrees clear blue sky SPF50 applied by the 'muzungu'. All the children are lined up in teams (named after mountains - Rwenzori , Kenya, Elgon & Kilimanjaro) preparing for the 2016 official sports day warm up with the "Viking Thunder Clap"

The Zirobwe School Sports Day events were Dizzy Run, Potato and Spoon, Sack Race, Three Legged Race, Tug-o-War & Water Transfer. On your marks, get set, Go Go Go !!!

Date: 9th December 2016



ignsUG Advent Calendar Day 8

After a jam-packed sports day in the morning, the ignis team were allowed a short break to recharge before the big event: the ignis and Empower a Child vs Zirobwe football match. Moments of this football match are some of the most memorable of the trip. After the ignis and Empower team were a goal down, Matt scored a ‘belter’ of a goal (as described by Erin whilst commentating), which was followed by 200 children storming the pitch in celebration. The excitement was incredible. For me however, the most special part of the day was seeing the reaction of the girls and women to myself and two other female volunteers playing. The previous day, we had all spent time learning about the Women’s Empowerment Programme run by Empower a Child and meeting the women involved in the programme. Women’s empowerment is such a crucial aspect to furthering development in villages like Zirobwe. At home, ‘playing with the boys’ is not a huge deal but in a village with such gender inequality, it was a really powerful statement. I hardly touched the ball in that football match but, from the celebration around us at the end by both young girls and elder women, you would have thought we had all scored the winning goal in the World Cup final! 

Date: 8th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 7

During my time in Uganda I was amazed at least 10 times a day by roadside entreprenuers,  the shocking sites of squalor, through to Ugandan's sheer excitement at seeing a digital photograph. On this day, I'll note my moment of amazement at the local support for community football games. After a nailbiting draw between two local teams, the crowd gathered around the defenders' goal for penalties. I am by no means a 'football person', but on that day, watching that match, I was a supporter.

Date: 7th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 6

Working in Uganda was tough. From scrubbing floors and chopping wood in the local baby orphanage, to carrying water from the local well for cooking school lunches we ignites threw ourselves into everything. But what shocked us most was that our  workload was probably a tenth of that of the villagers in Uganda that we were helping. For example, the farmer we met  spent a month clearing an acre of land for 20,000 shillings (£5). We all realised that the amount of work that a local does is staggering and were all glad to have done our part to help out.

Date: 6th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 5

This is Maureen, the happiest, kindest and loving soul with the biggest smile I have ever seen. Having grown up in the village, Maureen was very lucky to have been sponsored through primary and secondary school, an education her family would not have been able to afford if it had not been for sponsorship. Education is so important for the children in the village and can mean a bright future as opposed to a life of poverty. For families who can’t afford school fees, or even food enough for the family, marriages are often arranged for young teenage girls; it is so important children are given the opportunity for an education.

Still living in the village, Maureen was volunteering at Empower A Child, helping with chores, feeding the children and interacting with volunteers while waiting in limbo to find out from her sponsors whether they might be able to afford the University fees for her to study Nursing. Of course, even with her uncertain future, Maureen never failed to greet you with a beaming smile and an incredibly infectious laugh. Just as a group of us were preparing to sponsor Maureen through her nursing degree, the news came in that her original sponsors had decided they could afford to continue the sponsorship meaning she could enrol onto the course at the nearest opportunity!

These children are so willing to learn; after food and shelter education is the most important aspect in their lives. Sponsoring a child can make all the difference, it really is life changing.

So here we are in high spirits, with the community Sports Day in full action, having a giggle while pulling silly faces. Whilst these people have so little, I cannot remember seeing a single person in the whole village who wasn’t smiling on this day, Maureen of course, having the biggest smile of all!

Date: 5th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 4

After collecting clothes and supplies in London before heading out to Uganda, we had the task of visiting the local villages to hand out the donations. A very humbling experience. Walking into these tiny villages with a collection of clothes and supplies (sugar, tea, soap etc.) we were greeted as long lost friends. Everyone we met went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The feeling of visiting the families was overwhelming and all ignites were touched by the stories and experience.

Nick R

Date: 4th December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 3

This was a sports day like no other. Over 500 children turned up for the annual sports day. From the Empower a Child school in Zirobwe and all the local children from the surrounding villages they came en masse to participate. The day featured games such as three legged races, egg and spoon, netball and the highlight ,football.Our ignis team then had the task of ensuring that there was some control and order to the games! With everyone having the opportunity to participate there were plenty of smiles and lots of fun had by all.

Date: 3rd December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 2

For me, the home visits day was the most humbling, moving and inspirational of our time in Uganda.We had the privilage of visiting various families across the community and learning their stories and struggles. What struck me was how kind, welcoming and positive these people are despite suffering many hardships.

Thanks to the generosity of ignites across the Agency, we were also able to pull together many donation packages that we gifted to these families. The look of joy on a certain mother's face when we gave her a range of clothing for her 4 day old baby is something I will not forget in a hurry.


Date: 2nd December 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 1

Personally, (although hard to pick a favourite day from such an amazing trip!) if I had to choose a day, it would be the one during which I was transformed into my childhood dream profession, a teacher! During the trip Jon, Lauren and I taught a geography lesson to children, aged around 8 to 9, at the Empower a Child primary school.

What was first noticeable when entering the classroom, was how well behaved the children were, especially compared to their UK counterparts of a similar age…they were all silent, and very eager to learn. From watching previous lessons in the day, I realised pretty early on that all classes taught were very academically focused, there was little creativity, and the children evidently knew a lot for their younger age. This made us feel even more nervous about our teaching, as we were armoured with 5 boxes of all things arts & crafts!

After teaching the children the key continents, and their climates, on a big world map we brought along with us, we asked them to create their own flags. We handed out coloured paper, superglue, and a LOT of glitter and stickers. After 5 or so minutes we noticed the children had only began using their colouring pencils to create the flag, and not the crafts; this, we soon realised was because they’d never actually seen or used superglue before, or glitter! We quickly opened all the superglue for them, gave a quick pritt stick demo, and soon enough, every piece of paper (and every child!) was absolutely covered in glitter! It was amazing to see the children’s faces light up doing something they’d never done before, something as simple as arts & crafts which children at our primary schools are used to on a day to day basis. We saw children covered in glitter and stickers for days afterwards; it was awesome to give them an experience we hope they’ll never forget!

Erin Mckeown
Account Executive

Date: 1st December 2016



igniUG Advent Calendar Day 20

Finally made it. After an hour trek we arrived at family where the Husband /Father had died and the mother was keeping the family unit going. The Children do the walk to and from school everyday. They were so happy to see that someone there that did actually care about them. A simple donation of clothing to them brought such smiles and a gift from the family to us of monkey nuts. Sharing some love with one of the young children on the home visit x

Date: 28th November 2016



ignisUG Advent Calendar Day 24

On the day of the home visits we passed the local watering hole aka "The Zirobwe Gym" There was a gathering of all ages from young children to old men waiting at the watering hole to fill their jerry cans. There was an ever-growing snake like queue of yellow 20 litre jerry cans waiting to be filled, with each one taking taking 5 minutes per can and weighing weighing 20 kg when full. The strength and determination of the Zirobwe people has to bee seen to be believed.

Date: 24th November 2016



Bogies were par for the course, putt boy did I like it!

I’m a regular (and avid) real-life and Wii golfer, so the opportunity to have a go at VR golf was something of an exciting prospect. And it certainly lived up to expectations.

One minute I was in a small meeting room in the office, and the next, I was in the USA, or maybe it was South Africa, or perhaps Hawaii. All I know for sure is that I was in bright sunshine, with a lake to my left, a ball teed up by my feet, and a pristine set of clubs laid out before me. Wednesday afternoons never looked so good.

The controls were, at first, complex, but the tutorial was comprehensive, and before long I was stepping onto the first tee of a course that I could only dream of playing in the real world.

Now I’m no professional golfer, but I can swing a club, and an air shot is something of a rarity. But in the virtual world connecting with the ball is a little more challenging. The Driver, whilst having the biggest head, is the most difficult to hit; the weight (or lack thereof) of the ‘club’ was the hardest thing to get used to, but consequently the closer I got to the green, the easier it became.

Despite some initial difficulties, I was addicted, and immersed. I found myself avoiding branches, walking around my bag, and generally trying to follow golf etiquette. I was there. And no one was going to tell me otherwise.

When it comes to VR technology, the possibilities for brands are seemingly endless. We know now beyond all doubt that the majority of purchasing decisions are made based on emotional, rather than rational factors. With its ability to immerse and deeply engage an audience, VR will play a huge role in augmenting those emotional experiences, and embedding a brand’s core values with consumers.

Brands have already begun to capitalise on VR’s potential. TOMS, for example, is masterful at storytelling. The flagship store in Venice, California, is a cozy bungalow/shop/café, packed with Tom’s messaging. There’s a “virtual reality chair,” next to the shoe section, which guests are invited to try. Once the VR headset starts playing, you’re transported to a remote village in Peru where you experience a giving trip, starting with the drive into the village. Sweet looking kids are all around as you swivel in your chair. They’re incredibly happy and grateful for the gift. It’s emotional, memorable, and you want to tell others about it. It takes people closer than ever before possible, to understanding the impact of Tom’s mission.

VR is an exciting new tool in a marketer’s arsenal of tactics, and there are many different ways it can be deployed. Marketers will have to choose options that best support their brand strategies, but brands will be sure to leverage their story-telling credentials through an immersive experience like no other.


Oliver Carew - Senior Account Director



Date: 3rd November 2016



ignis festival essentials - Chris Loydall

One of our extremely talented designers, Chris, lets us know how he plans for his festival experiences. Showing off his individuality alongside his love of technology, he keeps his creativity flowing outside of ignis HQ, with gadgets to allow him to reminisce for years to come and record those memories you do not want to forget.

Festival essentials have to be about pure personal expression, and not being afraid to do so. Other than the music, of course, I think this is what makes a festival. The culmination of so many different and eccentric styles pushed to the max, creating an unrivaled spectacle.

At this summer’s festivals, I have been rocking my favorite retro print Hugo Boss t-shirt and bright pink Nike fly-knit ones. Keeping the sun off my face (and neck) is an Oakley trucker, paired with my 80’s inspired Oakley Frogskins. With a Larsson & Jennings time keeper for those set times.

Recording the incredible memories are a set of iPhone lenses (fisheye and wide-angle), my Go-Pro hero 3+ rolling in HD and for a different perspective, a chest harness . A portable charger keeps all my tech topped up. Finally, keeping me as fresh as possible, Kiehls ‘face fuel’ and Optrex refreshing eye drops.



Date: 17th August 2016



ignis festival essentials - James Deshay

It will come as no surprise to those who have worked with James or for his clients that his festival essentials are strategic, meticulously prepared and ready well ahead of the festival. He’s so rock and roll…

For me, pre festival is all about practicality and preparation. Essentially a walking apothecary that any High Street pharmacy would be proud of; you’ll be able come to me if you need antihistamines, aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, plasters, a spritz of deo, aftershave or hand san. And of course, a trusty slap sun lotion, Paw Paw or Nivea – and a power bank to keep the phone charged too. Spare contacts are a must for me.

Those who know me well, know that I’m more of a day festival goer– and only in fair weather. But for those rain showers, I always pack my trusty lightweight, hooded jacket. And when I’m feeling a little wild, the bandana I bought on our company trip to Uganda in 2013 and this year’s must-haves – mirrored lens sunnies. 

Date: 10th August 2016



ignis festival essentials - Stephanie Whitaker

Our MD, Stephanie Whitaker, knows exactly what’s needed to make the perfect festival experience and create a flawless festival outfit to go with it. We have managed to catch her to give us a sneak preview of what she will be wearing this 'festival season'

For me, festival essentials are all about ‘the look’ and scouring thrift shops each season to create it! For Wilderness I’ll be glam-rocking a Biba metallic trouser suit with either a fab vintage Anthony Price corset (evening) or a plain white vest (day). Add glitter bangles, a hat, classic Vans and voila - ready to party!









Date: 3rd August 2016



ignis festival essentials - Violet Cowen

When she isn't busy organising the logistics of our 300 strong staffing team. Violet Cowan does sometimes manage to get along to a festival or two. This week Violet gives us the low down  on what she bring's and why!​​

My most essential festival must have is my Levi’s denim jacket (which may have been ‘borrowed’ from my brother – don’t tell!). This along with my bandana and sunglasses form my festival safety blanket. You will rarely see me without them! Next on the list is my FitBit; proof that my body, as well as my liver, are being exercised (90km at Glastonbury!). I have a tendency to lose everything so my lanyard money pouch stays round my neck at all times. Finally, the items that are on everyone’s essentials list: wet wipes for the extremely hygienic ‘wet wipe baths’, sun cream to avoid those wrinkles and a battery pack so no moment goes uncaptured. ​

Violet Cowen - Account Executive


Date: 26th July 2016



ignis festival essentials - Jonathon Taylor

This week we feature our Financial Controller Jonathon Taylor. In Jonathon's words, these are the items that complete the #festivalready look; 

There goes “Groovy Grandad” on his head

A hat for sun or rain on his feet

Comfortable walking sandals at his side

His trusty waterproof folded into its pocket in his hand

A pint or three of scrumpy!

Date: 1st July 2016



ignis festival essentials - Matt King

Over the 15 years we've been working in the festival field we've come to know what gets you through the day. For 2016 we've asked our ignites how they get #festivalready.

Our first ignite to bring you their #festivalready collection is Artworker Matt King.

Shorts are a must. Even in the rain you have to at least pretend it’s sunny, which leads on nicely to the next ‘must have’ – summery tee + sunglasses. Hoodies are acceptable but only in the rain or in the evening. When (positive thinking) it’s sunny, I’ll be whipping out the lip cream with sun protection and sun cream. You must look after your lips in the sun. The torch is a true life saver and is highly recommended! You won’t believe how many times I have found my dropped wallet, phone or other valuables. I think that loosely leads me onto my last item. The hip flask! Top it up in your tent and spend the rest of the night sipping your fave drink!

 Matt King - Artworker







Date: 27th June 2016



How do you improve the brand experience at festivals?

Festival season is kicking off tomorrow with the team activating at Sound City, Love Saves The Day & WE ARE FSTVL this weekend. Aside from being able to spot the ignis team at 20 festivals over the course of the Summer, you can also catch Orla Ryan, Senior Account Director on The Guardian Online with an article on how to improve the brand experience at festivals.

Click here to read the article

Date: 26th May 2016



Drum Marketing Awards Finalists!

As if we weren't already proud enough of our Benenden Supporters' Club campaign it's only gone and been nominated for an award! Up against some stiff competition in the Brand Development/Extension Strategy of the Year category we couldn't be happier.

Tasked with increasing brand awareness amongst a wider demographic we created our loveable group of characters, each of whom embodies Benenden's uniquely supportive brand values. After seeding the mockumentary style short over a variety of news and entertainment outlets we saw an incredible 900% uplift in web traffic!

Check out the original video to the right and fingers crossed for the big night!

Date: 23rd March 2016



The Formula to Successful Innovation

We can identify the next big thing (and it’s nothing new!).


In 1899 the then Commissioner of the US patent office was purported to claim that “everything that can be invented has been invented”. Whilst I’m sure we can all agree he was wrong (just 2 years later the first radio signal was received!) I feel more confident in today saying that the next ‘big thing’ has already happened, it just wasn’t the right time.


Looking at the cast of breakers on the global stage, from Google and Apple to Uber and Airbnb, you could be forgiven for assuming their prolific and often hasty successes are down to delivering innovative and original ideas. By analysing these businesses and the marketplaces they inhabit we’ve not only pinpointed exactly what lead to their success but distilled a formula able to identify whether or not the next would be big thing is going to succeed - and it all comes down to timing!


So here it is, our very own magic formula; a logical approach to examining whether a service or product offering is capable of becoming the next big breaker and, if not, producing a route map to success.


One of the greatest examples modern history provides of the above being true was the outstanding, and immediate, success of Google at the time of its competitor’s steady demise. Forgetting the standout failure of individual projects we can identify longstanding issues within the management and direction of Yahoo! which led to its failure to succeed.


At a time when the directors of Google and Facebook were deeply involved in driving product innovation Yahoo! appeared to be too worried about annoying/distancing any individual audience segment to be bold and, essentially, innovate.


Joe and Brian, founders of airbnb, quickly discovered the importance of perceived value when, 2 years after launching the company, they stagnated. It was the realisation that the photography on their site was failing to grab the attention of potential customers which inspired a door-to-door trawl of NYC to re-shoot the entire portfolio. Within a week of the new images going live Joe and Brian were inundated with requests and doubled their turnover, proving that a customer’s perceived value of a product is vital to its success.


As we move away from the wonder of hindsight and appraise a currently emerging technology we again see that a single component can hinder the success of even the most innovative of ideas. Whilst NFC is seeing great success in the confines of contactless payment we’re yet to see a widely deployed product application due to elevated cost. Already tight production and distribution margins are struggling to absorb a 40¢ unit cost of NFC tags, let alone the required changes to manufacturing and assembly facilities.


Our formula, at its core, proves the need to think outside the box and consider the ever growing pool of available platforms and changing shape of support services which provide the necessary infrastructure for companies to operate. Where once small to medium sized businesses were restricted in their online sales potential by the need for expensive e-commerce solutions Paypal, and their various plug-ins, now allow anyone to take secure payments.


At ignis we’re using our formula to analyse our clients’ product development concepts and output from their innovation programmes, a number of which are born out of our own ‘ignovation’ workshops, to assess potential for success and develop route to market plans. If you’ve got a project you’d like to put to the test why not book an assessment session with us? Alternatively, kickstart your innovation programme ahead of 2016 with a full ignovation workshop with our specialist team!



Date: 11th January 2016



2015 in Tech: What's here to stay?

This time last year we published 15 things for 2015 and hung our metaphorical hat on the tech we thought would find its place, and what would go back to the development table. As we welcome in 2016, it's time to recap and see what worked.

Consumers are beginning to feel at home with the Internet of Things as connected (or smart) devices become more affordable, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity finding its way into everything from coffee cups to chairs. Connecting directly to users’ smartphones, these devices have become more affordable, with a variety of cost-effective chips now capable of transmitting simple data, including the time and length of use.

Whilst these objects provide useful information for users to better analyse and focus their daily activity, they also conduct insightful, anonymous data gathering so that brands can view the geography and usage habits of their customers. 

Christmas helped boost our next piece of tech as Santa delivered virtual reality (VR) headsets to millions of people all over the world. Whilst the availability of quality content is still lacking, the impending release of the Oculus Rift this year should see creators kick into second gear.

2016 still holds opportunities for brands to be seen as first movers/shapers as consumers get to grips with newfound virtual worlds with tech becoming more reliable and easily deployed. Expect to see award contenders from the clever usage of lower end devices, such as Google Cardboard.

Spending caps may have meant that millions of VR units weren't purchased using mobile payments, but regardless, 2 of every $3 spent through contactless was via Apple Pay across three major U.S. card networks. Whilst contactless payment may still be dwarfed by classic chip and pin/swipe, it's definitely a growing market, with major retailers steadily updating checkouts with necessary card devices.

Still very much in its infancy, we're waiting to see how brands can best make use of contactless payment. With Apple (the major player) notoriously slow to open functionality to 3rd party developers, it may be a while until we see seamless integration between your wallet and loyalty apps.

Outside of our 15 things for 2015, we'll be keeping our eyes on developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biometric Interfaces this year. With each of the major players (Apple's Siri, Google Now, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana) switching from on-demand to always-listening services, we're likely to see a steady rise in adoption rates. 

Those of us with the latest of Microsoft's operating systems may already be familiar with ‘Windows Hello’, which makes use of Intel's Real3Dcamera to provide the most reliable bio-security we've yet to see. Tested by a number of identical twins, the new system achieved a 1-in-100,000 false accept rate. As the rest of the tech world wrestles with beacons and other proximity devices, the Intel device could represent the future of real-time adaptive ad displays.

Date: 7th January 2016



Brands that go boo!

Brands were out in force on Halloween to steal the show and make as much noise as possible. Here are a few example of note:


Starbucks – Franken Frappuccino


Burger King – Halloween Whopper


Airbnb – Night in Parisian Catacombs


Lots of admirable efforts, although top marks go to Production Company, Blumhouse Productions' Halloween activation.


Known for taking a simple movie idea with a low budget and making it scary, these guys did exactly that for their real-time horror movie 'Fifteen', which was streamed on Periscope.


Set up as though a recording on the killer's phone, the perspective of the movie makes perfect sense, whilst enabling Periscope to broadcast the scene.


During the live streaming, as comments were posted on the video, the killer would acknowledge some of the comments, making even 20 minutes of action, a truly unique interactive horror experience. Overall the use of Periscope added an exciting and interesting dimension to the way the story played out, although the constant social interactions with the broadcast did get a little distracting from the action at times.


Blumhouse Productions – ‘Fifteen’



Date: 3rd November 2015



Creating Authentic Experiences

Last night a daring team of ignites made their way to the deepest, darkest reaches of East London to cook up some crystal. Unfortunately soon after arriving they found out Adam had forgotten the Pseudo again and they'd instead have to settle for cooking up a collection of Walter White's favourite cocktails!

More than having a great night out, these events, often put on by small independent experiential and immersive theatre companies, remind us of the heart and commitment required to produce truly authentic experiences. It's often all too easy to get caught up in the business of marketing and overlook what it is that makes people engage with and enjoy an experience which is what ultimately decides whether they remember it and share it with their friends.

So whilst brand fonts, colour palettes and key messaging hierarchies should never be entirely done away with we always look first to your brands consumers and how we can produce something that genuinely engages them, do that and everything else will follow.

The Breaking Bad inspired pop-up has taken up residence in a classic RV which seems to have been lifted straight from the Albuquerque desert and is the latest of its kind the ignis team have had the pleasure of checking out.

Date: 9th October 2015



Brimming with Pride

Finding time between cake baking, cake eating and the subsequent sugar highs and lows, a bunch of lucky ignites have been helping out a fellow West London company in the form of the great Fuller, Smith and Turner brewery just down the A4 in Chiswick.

Fuller's asked us to help them deliver their most important campaign of the year involving rugby – why? Because another West London institution, Twickenham, was set to play host to the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

They asked us for a “campaign that drives the link between London Pride, rugby and “Made of London” – so we scrummed together and created the ultimate rugby experience within a Fuller's pub. Our bespoke collection of post protectors, tent card games, carnival cut-outs, scratch cards and ref-beer mats offering selfie-takers the chance to win a free pint was  deployed across 900 pubs nationally.

Check us out kitting out the Admiralty pub in Trafalgar square – getting their super early before the first punters of the day arrived for breakfast at 8am.

Date: 7th October 2015



Ignis Do Different for the MAA

ignis was recently selected as one of ten agencies by the Marketing Agencies Association to demonstrate how we Do Different. The idea behind the event... ten agencies have a Go Pro for one day to create a 60-second video showing how they as an agency Do Different! 

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, we took to the road for an amusing take on how we approached a client brief in a different way. Our client Fullers and the work that we did for them with London Pride and the Made of Rugby was the catalyst. So we created a mobile research station, hit the roads of London, interviewed consumers and brought to life our brand strategy and campaign messaging for 'Made of Rugby'

The video can be viewed along side the nine other agencies entries on the Guardian website here.


Date: 5th October 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Finale

After 6 long, agonising weeks, The Great Ignis Bake Off final has arrived (and just in time before we all collapse into a sugar coma)

We’ve have witnessed some excellent showstoppers and some..not so excellent (Alex B we’re looking at you here) over the course of this nail-biting competition. However, as this is the final we’ve gathered all the best semi-pro bakers Fulham has to offer for one last Bake Off hurrah!

The stakes are high, tensions are high, and the layers of cake are even higher with Nat's entry, a seven layered rainbow cake topped with handmade multicoloured stars.   

Steve and Alex went down the fruity refreshing route with their lemon curd cupcakes and passionfruit sorbet pastry cups (making a change to the chocolate heavy last few weeks).

Xuan and Phoebe attempted to gain extra points and kudos with their ignis branded cakes. (Phoebe even went beyond the call of duty and made red & gold macarons just for decoration… we really do have the most dedicated staff)

Matt’s perfectly crumbly carrot cake won over the hearts of our old-school traditional homemade cake lovers, but after hours of deliberation the winner of our Great Ignis Bake Off and proud owner of the infamous and hastily-made Golden Spoon (and bottle of bubbly, of course) was the very deserving Alex Newman with her punchy passionfruit pastry cups.

The total amount raised over the weeks for our chosen charity empowering a child is officially £156.76 + 20

 A big thank you to everyone who got involved in our bake-off competition, whether it be eating the treats or contributing to the weekly bakes, we really appreciate it. And with applications now open for the next series of GBBO, who knows? Maybe our star bakers will go on to become Mary and Paul's star bakers too!

Date: 24th September 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Round 5

“The Great Ignis Bake Off Final is next week!?…” we overheard the men discussing over their morning brews. Yes people, our infamous Bake off Final AND the iglympics is only 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours away and with it comes the end of our weekly sugar fix, so it's mixed feelings all round in the office.

Before all that excitement is our final heat of cakes and this week was one of the biggest yet! Due to various roll overs, the ignis HQ had the pleasure of devouring 7 tasty crumbly treats this week.

Lauren provided us with a chocolate infused berry cake… now if you’re not a chocolate lover I’d advise you to stay well away from this one- let's just say it was heavy on the chocolate, light on the berries.

Sticking with the berry theme, Xuan produced the most elegant looking raspberry cheesecake I think any of us have ever seen (watch out Mary Berry…), Georgia created a blueberry flan which we have to admit, tasted A LOT better than it looked (sorry Georgia!).

Orla surprised us all with her smarties filled, ‘Fab' inspired layer cake.. yes you heard that correctly, smarties were hidden INSIDE the cake. You can imagine the surprise and joy spread across our ignites faces when they discovered this little trick.

Lydia went down the classic route, producing some delicious red velvet cupcakes topped with a malteaser (our office is really getting spoiled now..).

Elliot, as one of our fitness-obsessed ignites here decided to keep in theme with his lifestyle and produce some ‘Protein Chocolate Chip cookies’, and the sound of them was actually a lot more appealing than the taste, however we’ve got to give it to him, he did bring them in on his bicycle that morning.

The dark horse of the competition this week was Nick with his gluten free lemon and almond cake. As our friend Mary would say, there was no sign of a soggy bottom, the crumb was light and fluffy, and the taste was delicious! 

Therefore, our final well deserved ignite through to next week’s finale is Nick!!


Stay tuned to find out who the winner of our Great igish Bake Off is! 

Date: 21st September 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Round 4

With the penultimate week fast approaching, the fourth heat has possibly been the closest one yet. It seems all our secret bakers have come out of the woodwork to show us what they are really made of.

Emily's space themed 'Mars bar cakes' (if there's anything better than a Mars bar, it's a melted Mars bar mixed with even more sugar) were a definite winner for our chocolate lovers at ignis HQ, but she had some stiff competition from the other office treats.
Matt surprised us all with his professionally decorated whipped walnut cake, layers and all, but it seemed the rest of the competitors had caramel on the brain...

Paddy gave us a twist on the classic millionaire's shortbread with his 'salted caramel' shortbread, and Ben surprised us all with his peach dulce de leche tart (eagle-eyed ignis employees spotted a tart-case-sized package being delivered to his desk last week, spoiling any possible 'this old thing? I make it all the time!' comment). Once we managed to cut through the rock-like crust, this tart newbie's efforts really paid off.

Our final baker Alex comes with her own tragic X-factor style back story - because of a gluten intolerance, she hasn't been able to try many of the other entries, unless the bakers helpfully forgot to add the flour (we're looking at you other Alex, week one). She produced some scrumptious and gluten free caramel profiteroles - impressing all of us who've never managed to make profiteroles even with gluten involved.
Combining both winning technical skills and an incredible caramel taste, Alex was victorious in making her way through to our Bake Off final!!

This week was possibly the hardest one to judge to date, and the stakes are getting even higher. With four deserving winners already through to the final, who will be our final baker and wild card?

*due to some roll-overs, next week’s heat will be split into two groups of 4. I don't know about you but I need to start hitting the gym more...

Date: 14th September 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Round 3

With no soggy bottoms in sight (speaking solely of the bakes, not so much of the colleagues- welcome to Londons monsoon season), heat 3 of the Great igish Bake Off was very much needed this week to lift our spirits.

Coming in the nick of time after a post-morning-coffee-caffeine slump, Amandas ‘Coca-Cola inspiredcake did just the trick and perked us right up - though that may have just been the sugar high from the fizzy laces it was decorated with.

Anthonys banana loaf may not have been covered in sweets from our childhood, but beneath that thick crust was a lovely fruity cake, thereby winning this week's Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Award (disclaimer: not a real award).

Natalie however covered all bases this week with her show stopping strawberry and white chocolate Victoria sponge cake (even the name has us drooling), with piles of strawberries surrounded by chocolate curls, and with a clean sweep of the board she was named our star baker and has been sent through to the Iglympic final.


It may not seem like hard work, eating all these cakes, but our dedicated judges are constantly training in order to be able to accurately taste each and every entry. It's an Iglympic marathon, not a sprint, as next week sees eight (eight!) contestants face off for a coveted finale spot. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. 

Date: 26th August 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Round 2

“On your marks, get set….bake!”


Heat two of the Great igish Bake Off was off to a flying start this week, with some very professional looking strawberry topped cupcakes from Lucy.


James went down the traditional route, much to the delight of the committed bakers, with his Victoria sponge cake (minus the cream filling, a rebellious flouting of the WI rules).

Kris brought an interesting twist to the table this week with his makeshift ‘peanut butter mug cakes’ (yes that’s right, a cake in a mug) however these were quickly renamed as ‘mud cakes’ after they were judged on colour and consistency.


The real showstopper was Steve’s Guinness cake - this is a guy who clearly knows his target audience! Combining our loves of eating cake and drinking into one glorious combination of sugar, beer, and chocolate was a masterful move to win over our very discerning and now very experienced judges. Unsurprisingly, (alcohol AND chocolate?), Steve’s cake was this week’s winner making him the star baker and straight through to the GIBO/ iglympics final!


The runners up shouldn't give up yet, however, as there's always a chance to get into the final with a wild card entry. After this round's success, we predict many more alcoholic cakes next week. And, as Mary always says, don't be stingy with the booze!

Date: 18th August 2015



The Great igish Bake Off: Round 1

The Great British Bake Off has encouraged many to reach for their wooden spoons and mixing bowls, and here at ignis HQ we have done just that. This week was the start of our five heats in the build up to the grand finale at our infamous annual Iglympics...

With one contestant forgetting to add flour, and another betraying the spirit of Mary B by going shop-bought, it's safe to say that none of us will be quitting our day jobs any time soon - a deliberate move by the bosses perhaps? With Paul & Mary sadly absent from the judging table, everyone in the office stepped up to the plate, and with tasting forks in hand, we were ready to do our bit and eat some cake. For charity, of course.

First up was Alex and his accidentally-gluten-free lemon drizzle cake, which despite being very freshly baked before work that morning, could have benefitted from a touch more flour (read; any), and then Jo with her scandalously shop-bought cupcakes. Neil impressed many of the judges with the uniformity and professional-standard chocolate drizzling of his coconut macaroons, and Lucian brought his European heritage into play with a sun dried tomato and olive focaccia bread boasting an 'excellent crumb', in the words of the silver fox. By this point there were a few complaints of cake-blindness, but we bravely pushed on to Phoebe's chocolate and hazelnut layer cake, with a rosemary chocolate ganache and sugar meringue frosting, which she admitted to getting a bit blowtorch-happy with.

It was a tense afternoon in the ignis offices, as the contestants nervously waited for the results to be announced. Tense, and sugar-fuelled. At last, the news was delivered - this week's star baker was Phoebe! It was a close call, but our newest recruit has earned a place in the iglympics grand finale, reporting that she was 'excited, but really needed to up her game now'.

With all our judging fees going to charity, and the start of some friendly rivalry between our bakers, we're looking forward to next week's heat - we only hope that they learn from the GBBO and remember to turn on their ovens.

Date: 11th August 2015



[spark] edition 2: Disrupting Shoppers

The 2nd edition of [spark] is now online and we're talking shopper! A look into the insights and research behind our new approach to shopper marketing - identifying and overcoming the various barriers to purchase between your product and shopper.

Date: 4th July 2015

Download PDF



[spark] edition 1:15 things for 2015

In this first edition of [spark] we’re looking at a selection of emerging technology trends, changing business models and evolutions in consumer behaviour, each with the power to redefine people’s relationships with their brands.

Some offer an opportunity for tomorrow whilst others are to be factored into your thinking for the year; whichever side of the net they fall, they’re all things marketeers can’t afford to ignore. These are our 15 for 2015...

Date: 1st July 2015

Download PDF



Student Grub and StartUp4Britain

We are always looking for exciting and innovative brands to work with, and the MAA Start Up Britain event gave us a great opportunity with Student Grub. Founder April Green had created a healthy food delivery service aimed solely at students.  With the current health kick spreading quickly throughout the UK, we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with such a relevant brand. We’ve already started to help April develop her brand and will continue to do so over the next year.  Click here to see what’s what with Student Grub.

Date: 23rd January 2015



Ignathon results:

On Saturday ignis hosted the first annual ignathon, with the whole agency, friends and family taking part in an 11km Fun-run through Hyde Park. It was a great day and raised well over £12,000 and counting, smashing our fundraising target! We can’t thank our sponsors and participants enough for all their help for this fantastic charity.  We continue to support Empower a Child, and even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference.  If you care to make a contribution please visit so please

Date: 1st September 2014



Brand Love at the Pub

We love brands. We love the pub. So we married the two together at Imbibe, the UK’s foremost exhibition in the drink’s on-trade.  With the help of Robert Opie, founder and owner of the Museum of Brands, we created the first Pop Up Pub Brand Museum, entitled ‘100 years at the pub.’  The idea was to create a ‘break out’ area where those attending Imbibe could get away from the exhibition noise and clutter.  On display were some incredibility rare products, drinks artefacts and exhibits designed to trigger memories and enlighten the unaware.  To properly set the mood, we created a traditional pub environment, complete with panelled walls, bar stools and peanuts.  It was such a success with Imbibers, it might just pop up again.  Watch this space.

Date: 12th July 2014



New Client: Cuticura

Ignis are pleased to announce a new client, Godrej’s Cuticura brand. We’ve created a pilot campaign to trial their hand sanitizer and wet wipe ranges in selected UK festival.   At the heart of the campaign is a bicycle-powered port-a-loo styled presence at two specially selected family friendly festivals.  

Date: 2nd June 2014

View case study



Ignathon Announcement

After the ignites visited the Empower A Child foundation in Uganda last November, we were left with a sense of needing to do more. After some brainstorming sessions, we are happy to announce that the whole agency will be taking part in an 11km Fun-run through Hyde Park on 30th August in aid of the fantastic charity. We have a target of £11,000 and we are hoping to break straight through that. The smallest donation can make the biggest difference so please help us change lives; donate here

Date: 12th April 2014



Festival Fridays

The first stage in our ongoing festival experts initiative saw us host a webcast series; Festival Fridays In order to share our knowledge and create an active forum of sharing ideas. Because even though we have over 20 years of festival experience, we’re always learning and picking up tips! With the help of clients, colleagues and old friends, we brought together a fantastic group of people with Festival know-how which included Glastonbury, Lovebox, and Wireless amongst others.  These informal chats with some of the industries shakers and decision makers were ‘must watch’ webcasts for anyone who has considered using the Festival Arena to promote or sell their products. From utilizing the festival channel for promoting brands, to the intrinsic link between bands and brands and more, it’s rare to find such a concentrated festival knowledge in X sittings.

Date: 10th March 2014



Launch of festival experts initiative

Here at ignis, we are proud to have expertise in many marketing channels, with a particular one of these being within the festival arena, and using it to grow brands. So we’ve decided to launch a tool kit that showcases our knowledge of festivals as well as explaining the various components needed to successfully integrate a brand into that arena.

Date: 2nd February 2014



Empower a Child

In 2012, ignis seized a unique opportunity to support an ex-colleague’s charity, Empower a Child, which aims to bring self-sustainability and confidence to the Children of East Africa through education.

In April 2013, ignis’ fundraising efforts really began, with a whole company performance of Bugsy Malone – a singing, dancing, splurge-gun-shooting affair!

October 2013 saw 25 ignites travel to Uganda on two trips of 10 days each, with the goal of building a Cattle Shed for the developing town of Zirobwe, about 30 miles from the capital city, Kampala. Blood, sweat & tears went into creating a brilliant village facility, which has allowed Zirobwe to take another leap towards achieving sustainability. The ignites also spent time volunteering in children’s hospitals, orphanages & schools.

In August 2014, ignis planning to host a charity event in aid of Empower A Child. More information will follow soon…

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Date: 1st December 2013