Activating with VR

2016 was roundly pilloried by many as a dark year. Robbing us of Bowie and Wogan, giving us more Trump and an entire calendar of political turmoil, it was a year large numbers have been happy to consign to history.

In the marketing world, 2016 will also be remembered as the year the promise of virtual reality was finally realised. From the arrival of new, vastly improved equipment, to increased adoption levels and the emergence of game developers, it was a year in which some brands took their first tentative VR steps into utilising the technology as an effective brand engagement tool.

While 2016 was the year VR officially entered the brand radar, 2017 will be the year of brand adoption. Agencies and brand teams alike are chomping at the bit to produce their first VR enhanced for maximising the VR potential in your brand engagement.

5 tips to help brands avoid tech for tech’s sake



Tip 1: deliver the impossible

If it doesn’t take the breath away, it isn’t worth doing. Don’t show people your new store layout, take them to the top of Mount Everest, scare them senseless, dazzle them, give them something they’ll want to talk about.

Tip 2: understand the need

This isn’t your brand need, this is the human need. Provide a new experience, give your audience a view of something they couldn’t otherwise attain, show your audience something they will love and that will be loved in return.

Tip 3: live outside the headset

VR is by its very nature a solitary experience. Think as much about what is happening around the headset to cater forthe watching/ waiting audience as much as what goes on inside.

Tip 4: going viral isn’t magic

Just ask Ronnie O’Sullivan. Create content and experiences your audience will want to talk about and sharing will happen.

Tip 5: don’t geek out

Be honest: is this technology right for you? Can you deliver an experience that will make it worth it, or is it tech for techs sake? VR will not fit every brand or every marketer’s needs,be sure of your reasons for doing it before you jump in.

VR, and the gamification it provides, offers brands real opportunities to connect, and not just with the mythical millennial generation.

So now’s the time to consider how VR can work for you to tell stories to your consumers, trade partners and internal stakeholders.

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