we create sparks.

Shopper, activation, digital, brand engagement… they’re all terms with which you could categorise ignis.

But we believe in being discipline and media neutral to ensure we create exciting sparks of salient engagement which encourage participation and sharing. Something we call brand love.

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hey, you're a brand!

You want to turn people on, make them excited, intrigued and connected; so much so that they'll want to introduce you to their friends so you can connect to them too.

We understand that relationships with brands are a bit like relationships with other people: what might lead to a 'brand snog' behind the bike shed may not necessarily lead to an introduction to Mum and Dad.

So we have developed our 'would like to meet' platform to ensure the connections we make are deep, dynamic and extraordinary.

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would like to meet

Let's face it, you're a brand on the pull. So who would you rather meet; someone who thinks you're kind of a nice brand that they might see now and again? Or someone that you really connect with because, to them, you are fascinating and exciting? 

Exactly. And that's what our 'would like to meet' platform is all about: ruthlessly identifying what makes you attractive. Identifying your audience's emotional and rational triggers so that when you turn people on they don't just connect, they switch to active advocacy as well.

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Step 1

brand mirror

Stare the Truth in the face

There are loads of things which are good about you, but you already know that. It's about being brave enough to investigate why you haven't truly connected with your audience and strong enough to admit, "It's not you, it's me!"

The 'brand mirror' is a process of investigation that analyses your opportunities and barriers with brutal honesty, using actual psychological data to define or redefine your audience.

Step 2

brand lust

Sparking your brand connection

Our 'wltm prediction engine' produces psychometric data from consumer's digital footprints to give us a true understanding or what really turns your followers on.

Knowing what really excites them means we can define how you look, what you say and the way you say it, to create a powerful and enciting personality that your audience will lust after.

Step 3

brand love

Making a lasting connection

Turning 'brand lust' to 'brand love' means we need to make you 'brand human'. After all, people don't talk to brands, they talk to people.

Models such as 'ignovation' help you to build relationships with people in new ways: 'date nights' that encourage conversation and participation through shared experience; so you can build trust, keep your relationships fresh and encourage others to join in.